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Lendava, CACIB
Best Breeding Group - 3rd place



Emir was visiting us

2012.05.20 14:13
Emir (petname Marko) and his owners were at us this sunday, so we could hug our little bear first time since he left as a baby. He is quite big, stong guy, and very very gentle. He played a lot with his sister Lilly. You can see more pictures in our PICASA gallery or at our FACEBOOK profile.

2 x CACIB, Odessa, Ukraine

2012.05.14 11:27
2012.05.12 & 2012.05.13 Judges:  Malo Alcrudo Rafael (Spain) & Soleckyj Szpunar Viva Maria (Poland) Results: Medvebergi Maszkos Europa "Nika" 2 x Exc1, 2 x JCAC, 2 x Best Junior   Congratulations to the owner, Olga! We are very proud of you!

Budapest MKSZ CAC

2012.05.12 00:00
2012.05.12 CAC Budapest Judge: dr Hargitai Gábor   RESULTS Junior Male: Medvebergi Maszkos E.T (Mancs): Exc1, HPJ    Junior female: Medvebergi Maszkos Ebony (Lilly): Exc1, HPJ, BOB     Champion female: Medvebergi Maszkos Buxa: Exc1,...

CAC Chernigov - Ukraine

2012.05.05 16:46
CAC Results Female Puppy Medvebergi Maszkos Europa "Nika" - very promising Pictures  

Budapest MKSZ CAC

2012.04.28 13:26
Judge: Sanja Momcilovic Bognic Place: Budapest, Népliget Date: 2012.04.28   Results: Medvebergi Maszkos Excel (the first show for him): very promising 1 in puppy class   Medvebergi Maszkos Ebony Lilly: very promising 1 in puppy class and best puppy in...

Kiev 2x CACIB

2012.04.22 12:45
Medvebergi Maszkos Europa "Nika" (owner Olga Zamurueva) 2x Very promising, 2x best puppy "Strong bones, excellent movement, good lines"

Miskolc CACIB

2012.04.08 20:13
Calypso - open class - exc 1, CAC, CACIB

MKSZ CAC Budapest

2012.03.31 19:16
MALES E.T "Mancs" - puppy class - very promising 1 FEMALES Ebony "Lilly" - puppy class - very promising 1     Calypso - open class - exc 1 CAC     Buxa - champion class - exc 1 BOB     Cayla - hobby class - best hobby leonberger


2012.02.16 20:00
Ebony "Lilly" - puppy class- very promising 1
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