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Lendava, CACIB
Best Breeding Group - 3rd place



Playing puppies - 8 new videos

2013.03.15 15:16
Videos made on 15th march. We can't move the babies out to the garden, because of the terrible weather in Hungary.                

March videos :)

2013.03.10 11:22
Brand new videos available :)               

February news

2013.02.25 19:24
Dear Friends! In february we had some success with our dogs. Excel got 1 ResCAC, 4 CAC, 4 CACIB and 2 BOB titles, Lilly got 2 ResCAC, 2 CAC, 1 ResCACIB,  2 CACIB title, and little Mya (MM Fanta) fulfilled her HJCH champion title wit 3 Exc1 and 3 HPJ (Jun CAC in Hungary). Our babies are...


2013.02.09 21:51

Litters are here :)

2013.02.05 09:08
Dear Friends! We are proud to announce that Aida and Buxa also gave birth to their litters. They were whelping on the same day: 2013.01.30 Buxa has 9 strong babies (5 boys and 4 girls), and Aida's daughter (called Gorda) is having fun with her cousins. Of course Aida takes care some...

Year End News

2012.12.28 21:01
Dear Friends! Kedves Barátaink!   We have great news: both of our Mom-dogs are pregnants :) We are planning their birth around 1st February.   Mind a két mamakutyánk kisbabát vár! A kicsik születését február elejére várjuk. Excel's owners got the Croatian Champion...

DuoCACIB Nitra

2012.12.05 16:16
Dear Friends! Succesful weekend again :) Excel got ResCAC and ResCACIB, and Lilly got CAC and CACIB saturday. The point is that only the classwinner in Leonberg this year (Paddy's Paquino v. Löwengarten) was better than our Excel! (there were dogs form open and champion classes too). We are...

Zagreb DuoCACIB 2012 november

2012.11.27 19:06
Dear Leo friends! We are back from the CACIB show's first day! I can tell, that this was the young dog's day! Both our E's (Excel and Ebony "Lilly") was entered in intermediate class (male and female), and they won it :) So, Exc1, CAC for both :) After that they also got CACIB titles too! The...

MKSZ Derby Show 2012. NOV 03.

2012.11.05 10:54
Dear Friends! On the MKSZ Derby show 3 Medvebergi leos were entered. MM Excel in male junior class, MM Ebony (Lilly) and MM Fanta (Mya) in junior female class. Excel got Exc1, HPJ, Derby Winner and BOB! Lilly got Exc1, HPJ and Derby Winner Mya on her really first show got Exc2, she was...

October news

2012.10.18 17:29
Dear Friends, I'm sorry that I didn't share any news, but we had a busy month :) On the EuroDogShow, our dogs were placed second: Lilly in Junior Class, so she is Vice European Junior Winner 2012, and Buxa got Exc2, ResCAC in champion class. We are really proud of them (they were gooooood...
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