Born : 1st march 2019
Simply Red of Lionize
More infos and pictures about the pups in their facebook folder.
Bonnie and her co-family visited Jiminy in Belgium on new years eve, and we gladly inform you all, that the marriage was successfull: we expect babies to be born at the beginning of March!

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Trialpedigee: https://www.leonberger-database.com/lite/pp_trialmatingpedigree_e.php?gender=Male&db=pedigree&name=S&siredearchb=jiminy&selectsire=Jiminy+Jamppa+du+chateau+Des+Lys&damsearchb=nymeria&selectdam=Medvebergi-Maszkos+Lady+Nymeria&gens=5&submit=Create+trial+pedigree

Mother: Medvebergi Maszkos Lady Nymeria "Bonnie"
HD A, ED 0, LPN1 n/n, LPN2 n/n, LEMP n/n
Hungarian Junior Champion
Hungarian Champion
Hungarian Show Champion
Croatian Champion
Romanian Champion
Slovak Champion
Interchampion (awaiting confirmation)

Dog of the year 2017 (Hungary, LEOE)
Derby Winner Hungary 2017
Champion of Champions 2018 Best Champion female, Best of Breed

Hungarian Junior Special Winner 2017 LEOE
Hungarian Clubwinner 2017 + BOB (LEOE, judge: Carine Roobrouck)
Hungarian Special Winner 2018 + BOB (LEOE, judge: Jörgen Hansen)
Hungarian Clubwinner + BOB (LEOE, judge: Natalia Romanova) 

Breeding test: proposed for breeding

Fater: Jiminy Jamppa du Chateau des Lys
HD/B - ED/00 - DNA - LPN1/NN - LPN2/NN - LEMP/NN
eyes free of heriditary diseases - teeth card full scisor bite 

Belgium youth champion
Champion of Bosnia Herzegovina
Champion of Kosovo
Champion of Montenegro
Grand Champion of Balkan
Champion of the Adriatic
Champion of the Mediterranean
Champion of Luxembourg
Champion of Gibraltar
Porto winner 2017
International champion
Champion of Serbia
Champion of Macedonia
Champion of Bulgaria
Champion of Belgium
Champion of Netherlands
Champion of Germany club and VDH