Summary (jan-april)

2014.04.11 17:11

Dear Leo-friends!

I'm so sorry, that I couldn't edit our page, we had a lot of things to do, as you will see form the following summary.




On 30th january our H and G puppies were 1 years old, it was nice to see every pups with their b-day cakes :D



LEOE Clubdinner

The LEOE (Hungarian Leo Breedes Assoc.) held the yearly clubdinner today. We met sooo many friends, and we had a great time also. The 10 best showresult of 2013 was observed, then the dogs were placed. 
Our Lilly won the Adult Female Firslt Place (5 entries),
 and Honey was placed 3rd among the junior girls (4 entries, she was entered only to 2 shows). 
Our Kennel WON the Best Kennel in 2013
(thank you for sending your results for us dear Medvebergi owners) 
Our breeding Medvebergi Maszkos Excel won the Adult Male First place (3 entries), and Medvebergi Maszkos Hank Junior was placed FIRST among the junior males (4 entries). Thank you for your hard work on shows!
I had the oppurtunity to travel to the Crufts this year, and I spent a wonderful day with the 2 Lauras and Elsa, and of course the tornado twins, Juno and Annuska in Birmingham. I hope seeing you soon!



We were traveling to Belgium to mate Buxa. We choose Ice-T from Yellow's Garden as dad this time! Ultrasound around 20th april.



Some show results


FeHoVa Cacib: 1 x Exc1, CAC, ResCACIB, 2 x ResCAC ---> Hungaria Grand Champion

Nitra CACIB: Exc2, ResCAC

E.T "Mancs"

Salgótarján CAC: Exc1, CAC, BOS

Echo "Elza"

Salgótarján CAC: Exc1, CAC

MKSZ Budapest: Exc1, CAC, BOB

Ebony "Lilly":

FeHoVa: Exc1, CAC, CACIB --- > Hungaria Champion, Hungaria Show Champion



Brno: Exc1, CACJ


Hank Junior:

FeHoVa 4 x CACIB: 2 x Exc1, 2 x HPJ (CAJC), 2 x Exc2

Salgótarján CAC Exc1, HPJ, Best Junior ---> Hungaria Junior Champion

Belgrad CACIB: Exc1, CAJC, BOB, ---> Serbian Junior Champion


Hobbit "Balou":

Eindhoven: Exc1, JCAC

Gent: Exc2

Luxemburg: Exc2

Utrecht: Exc1, CAJC ---> Netherland Junior Champion


Hexe "Juno":

CRUFTS: reserve in junior class


Hajnal "Annuska":

CRUFTS VHC in puppy class, 2nd in Junior class, First in Good citizen class



FeHoVA 4x CACIB show: 2 x Exc 1, 2 x HPJ (CAJC), 2 x Exc 3

Nitra 2 x CACIB show: 2 x Exc1, 2x CAJC