2014.07.24 10:53

Dear friends!

I know that a lot of people are informed via our facebook page, but I would like to update the homepage also!

I try to refresh the homepage by LITTER, not chronologically :)



7th birthday on 24th august. All 4 babies of the litter are healthy and happy. Amy and Aida are living with us, Anubis "Nubi" is living in CZ, and Astor "Manfréd" is living in a lovely family in Hungary.


Buxa became mom for the last time in her life on 24th may. See more on the page LITTER I


The E litter became 3 yrs old on 11th august. Happy Birthday all of them! Emir, Erik, Excel, Eldorado, Extreme Survivor, Explorer, E.T Mancs and the girls Etna, Echo, Europa and Ebony!


Ebony Lilly

05.18 Budapest CAC - Exc1, CAC


LPN 2 n/n result arrived

04.19 Szilvásvárad CACIB - Exc1, CAC, ResCACIB

07.12 Szombathely CAC - Exc1, CAC

07.13 Oberwart CACIB - Exc1, ResCACIB

Fist successfull mating in the kennel Winterhart Weissgold

E.T Mancs

04.19-21 Szilvásvárad CACIB - 1x CAC, 1 x ResCAC, 1 x ResCACIB

05.01-04 Zadar CACIB - 3 x CAC, 2 x CACIB, 1 x ResCACIB, 1 x BOB, 1 x BOS

Echo Elza

05.10 Székesfehérvár CACIB, Exc2 ResCAC

05.18 Budapest MKSZ CAC - Exc1, CAC

06.22 Pécs CACIB - Exc1, CAC

Europa Nika

Her kids started in junior class: Avalanch of Happiness, Air Kiss and Arises of a Legend gor JCACs 


LITTER G - Gorda

05.02 Exc1, JCAC, BOB

05.03 Exc1, JCAC, BOB - Ukrainian Junior Champion

05.04 Exc1, JCAC, Jun BOB

05.17 Exc1, CAC, BOB



Hank Junior

05.01-04 Zadar 4 x CAC, 2x CACIB, 2x ResCACIB, 1 x BOB, 2 x BOS - Croatian Champion

08.16-17 Bratislave 2 x CAC, 1 x ResCACIB


05.01-04 Zadar 4 x CAC, 4x CACIB, 2 x BOB, 2 x BOS -  Croatian Champion

05.10-11 Székesfehérvár CACIB - Exc1, CAC, ResCACIB, Exc3

Hobbit Balou

Wieze Exc1

Lomme Exc1

Tilburg Exc2

Arnhem Exc1, RCAC, RCACIB


Genk Exc1 JCAC Best Junior

Lokeren Exc1, JCAC, JUNBIS

Luik Exc1, JCAC, JunBOB

Mechelen Exc1


04.12 Good Citizen Bronze level exam

04.18 2nd AVNSC Working Open; 4th AV Hip Hop Bunny Junior Stakes; 7th Spring Chicken Surprise Stakes Post Graduate

04.19 3rd Working/Pastoral Group;  Together with her ShiTzu brother Tiggy: 1st Fancy Dress; 1st Odd Couple

04.20 4th AVNSC Open; 4th AVNSC Graduate

06.07 3rd AVNSC Open, 1st AV stakes Junior

06.16-17 3rd Good Citizen Class; Leo classes 1st Junior, 2nd Post Graduate and Reserve Best Bitch

06.28 4th AVNSC Open

08.24 2nd Postgraduate Bitch


08.24 1st postgraduate bitch, Best Bitch, CC

Happy Her Majesty 

HD A/B, ED 0/0, LPN1 n/n, LPN2 n/n

04.07 Ceske Budejovice Exc1, CAJC - CZECH JUNIOR CHAMPION

05.04 Prague - Exc1, CAC, ResCACIB

05,17 Hluboka nad Vltarou - Exc1, CW

05.25 Litomerice - Exc1

06.07 ZOP working test - obedience

06.22 Brno - Exc3

06.29 Klatovy - Exc2, ResCAC

07.12 Pribram - Exc1, Regional Winner

07.20 Exc1, CAC, National Winner

08.16-17 Bratislava: 2x Exc2, 2 x ResCAC


Litter I 

Born on 24th may. More info here


Litter J

Planned... Lilly will have her first babies during 2014-2015 winter