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Kiskutyák érkezése március végén!

2018.02.24 13:04
Kedves érdeklődők! Kisbabáink lesznek, a két mami kutyánk egyszerre ad életet majd kiskutyáiknak, március 20 körül Lillyt (Medvebergi Maszkos Ebony Lilly) egy nagyon szép német kannal, Hannesszel fedeztettük (Hannes v. d. Aigner-Obermühle). Mind a két kutya rendelkezik a szükséges vizsgálatokkal...

MM M's on the way :)

2016.09.19 20:02

Planned Litter for March 2016

2016.01.08 20:27

Nyári alom

2015.05.11 12:56

September 20-21

2014.09.22 15:42
Dear Friends, and Leo-lovers! We would like to share the brand new result of the Medvebergi leos around the world:   2014.09.20 Miskolc CAC - Hungary Medvebergi Maszkos Emir - Marko - Exc1, CAC, BOB - new Hungaria Champion   2014.09.20 Kransodar CAC - Ukraine Medvebergi Maszkos Gorda -...

September 13-14

2014.09.17 22:14
MM Hobbit Balou - Exc2 in intermediate class at the Clubshow in Belgium   MM Hank Junior - Exc1 and Exc1, CAC, ResCACIB in Lucenec, Slovakia   Congratulations to all!!!!

September 6-7

2014.09.17 21:33
Medvebergi Maszkos Happy Her Majesty went to Giessen, Germany, where she got Exc1, CAC in intermediate class from the famous judge Rita Pleibel.   Medvebergi Maszkos Hobbit Balou achieved also a GREAT succes by winning the intermediate class in Arnhem, at the Netherlands Clubmach, under the...

Weekend august 30-31

2014.09.02 13:54
We had a great time in Slovenia, Trbovlje CAC. 3 Medvebergi leos were entered: (judge: Jaroslav Matyas SK) MM Excel - ch male - Exc1, CAC, BOB MM Honey - interm female - Exc1, CAC MM Ebony Lilly - ch female - Exc1, CAC, BOS   When I got home, I received some other great news too: MM Happy Her...


2014.07.24 10:53
Dear friends! I know that a lot of people are informed via our facebook page, but I would like to update the homepage also! I try to refresh the homepage by LITTER, not chronologically :)   LITTER A 7th birthday on 24th august. All 4 babies of the litter are healthy and happy. Amy and Aida are...

Summary (jan-april)

2014.04.11 17:11
Dear Leo-friends! I'm so sorry, that I couldn't edit our page, we had a lot of things to do, as you will see form the following summary.   ___________________________   On 30th january our H and G puppies were 1 years old, it was nice to see every pups with their b-day cakes...
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